Who We Are.

An independent product strategy, UX, and design consultancy.

Founded in 2007, MaybeForYou is the design studio of Michael Hagel. Together with a team of strategists, designers, and technologists, we help ambitious companies solve problems and create value with design.

Built on decades of expertise, our work sits at the intersection of business, design, and technology. With a foundation based on user research and human-centered design principles, we produce work that is elegant in form, useful in function, meaningful to your users, and measurable for your business.

We've intentionally structured our studio to be a little different. Rather than employing a large full-time staff, we prefer to work from the "Hollywood model." Bringing together the right team of professionals and strategic partners to fit the unique needs of your project. Allowing us to do away with complicated hierarchies, bureaucracy, and overinflated teams found at traditional agencies.

Our principles are at the center of everything we create.

Principle No 01


Behind every great product is an even better team. This is central to how we've structured our studio. However, it’s not just our team; we value the capabilities your team brings to the table as well. Together, we solve problems and build solutions that achieve results.

Principle No 02

Stay Curious

Our childlike curiosity drives us to ask thoughtful questions and uncover the why behind the way things are done. This form of exploration allows us to dig deeper into your challenges, ensuring the solutions we create have a real impact on your business.

Principle No 03

Build Empathy

Behind every screen is a person. We use empathy to help put them at the center of everything we design. Remaining focused on their needs to define the tasks, features, and functionality that is core to your software.

Core Value No 04

Keep It Simple

We're obsessed with making complex things simple, and are firm believers in the phrase "less is more." Always striving to make things easier and more intuitive for people to use.

Principle No 05

Make It Fun

We're passionate about the projects we work on, and the people we work with. We believe in hard work, but think the process should be fun and enjoyable on a daily basis.

Awards & Recognition.

As a results-driven team, we’re proud of the awards our work has garnered over the years.

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