CINC Systems’ new platform provides residents, field managers, and administrative staff each with a unique experience catered to their daily tasks and responsibilities.


If you’ve lived in a neighborhood, an apartment complex, or anywhere with property or association management, you understand the importance of transparent communication, direct access to tools and information, and the need for on-the-go solutions that fit into your busy lifestyle. CINC Systems has build a cloud-based platform that brings all of this together. Helping association management companies increase efficiency and enable profitable growth. Their solutions stand at the forefront of their industry with features and functionality, but as the world shifted to a mobile-first mindset CINC recognized the need to evolve their products and user's experience.

Partnering with Nine Labs, MaybeForYou worked with CINC Systems for over three years. Leading the architecture, design, and transition of three unique SaaS products. Transforming each application from a solo desktop solution, into a suite of responsive and native applications.

CINC Systems
Agency Partner
Nine Labs
Area of Focus
Business & Enterprise Software


  • Designed a responsive enterprise design system enabling CINC’s in-house developers to quickly and easily build out and scale the platform.
  • Designed a white-labeled mobile application to connect homeowners and association managers.
  • Designed a mobile application to streamline the needs and interactions of on-the-go property managers.

Services Provided.

  • User Research
  • Stakeholder Interviews & Workshops
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Design
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Prototypes & Testing
  • Design System Creation
  • Front-End Development

From A Wall Of Information To Well-Organized Workflows

The first project we worked on with CINC Systems was the redesign of their core administration platform. A cloud-based tool that bundles association management, accounting, integrated banking, and homeowner communication. While packed full of useful features and information, the platform suffered from a dated user interface and a poor user experience.

To improve this, MaybeForYou interviewed both internal stakeholders and CINC’s customers to learn how the software was used and the main information and functionality people needed access to. With this knowledge in mind, we were able to work with CINC’s product team to refine the user experience and design a more streamlined interface that tailored the information to the different devices users are accessing the platform on. These designs were then turned into a set of reusable UI elements and UX patterns and assembled into a Design System that CINC’s engineering team used to refactor and scale out the platform.

CINC Design System

Using Smartphone Features To Simplify Tedious Tasks

The following year, we were engaged to help envision how homeowners and residents would engage with the system. These users needed quick and easy access to pay their association dues, submit work orders, communicate around violations and ACC (Architecture Covenant Change) requests, and access important association information such as events, policies, and personal documents.

Through our research, it became clear that a native mobile application would provide users with the best experience. Taking advantage of key smartphone features such as notifications, camera access, to provide a seamless way of connecting the homeowners with the association.

The application was designed to work on both iOS and Android devices, with a user interface that could be white-labeled to match an association’s branding. Providing a tool that strengthened relationships with CINC, the associations, and residents — a “win-win” for everyone involved.

CINC Mobile HOA App
CINC Mobile HOA App

A Mobile Toolset For Property Managers On The Move

For our third project together, we built upon the knowledge we gathered when designing a solution for the homeowners and residents to create a mobile experience targeting the unique needs of property managers, who spend a large portion of their day working in the field. Obviously working “in the field” beings a very different set of needs and context than working out of the office. These employees needed offline access to information, formatted in a way that allows for easy data entry and quick decision making while walking through and driving around an association.

To help them complete their jobs most efficiently, we designed an experience that provides information and functionality based on the specific task a user is performing. Using GPS data and other benefits of today’s mobile devices, we created custom driving/walking plans for a community, pull up key information based on the property you were standing in front of, and store data locally on the device that can be synchronized later if internet access isn’t available.

We also had to think about and design for battery life, screen glare, and other accessibility concerns that would affect the experience of interacting with the application while outside and the go. The final solution addresses all these concerns to provide a solution that is functional, reliable, usable, and a pleasure to work with.