How We Build Products.

For over a decade, we’ve been refining our results-driven design methodology to improve the way we build products.

Our five-phase approach — Discover, Define, Design, Develop, Deliver, is a proven process for solving problems and improving the experience people have with your digital solutions.

Through every stage of our process, we work to propel your team forward and help scale your efforts. Using the foundational phases of our process, we tailor a bespoke engagement for each of our clients based on your unique needs. Working in an inclusive, fun, and collaborative fashion to shape your idea into value drive solutions.

Successful end-to-end solutions.

Working from a clearly defined process, we ensure everyone knows what to expect and when to expect it.

Product Design Methodology
Product Design Pricess - Discover


Our process begins with our Discovery Phase. Here we meet with key stakeholders, customers, and end users, to learn more about your business, your goals, and the challenges you’re facing. All focused around uncovering the motivations and outcomes needed in your final solution.

At the end of this phase we have:

  • Defined the problem statement that needs to be solved.
  • Established the key stakeholders and their responsibilities.
  • Created user profiles for your target audience.
  • Discussed the technology stack and related infrastructure.
  • Provided a high-level recommendations document with our recommended approach and next steps.

Product Design Pricess - Define


Once we fully understand the problem, we deep dive into defining the appropriate solution. The Define Phase is a collaborative phase that includes frequent communication with key project stakeholders. Together we’ll map out the solution and define the key features and functionality needed in the release.

At the end of this phase we have:

  • Defined the application/user flow.
  • Designed a low fidelity prototype.
  • Provided a product specification document defining the key features and functionality.

Product Design Pricess - Design


The Design Phase begins once everyone is on the same page with what we’re building and whom we’re building it for. In this phase, we divide up the pieces of the project and take an agile approach to designing high fidelity prototypes. These prototypes are used to gather feedback, iterate on the final solution, and provide an outline for engineering.

At the end of this phase we have:

  • Built out high fidelity prototypes of critical features and functionality.
  • Made improvements based on stakeholder and user feedback.
  • Prepared the necessary assets for development.

Product Design Pricess - Develop


The Develop Phase is an intense set of sprints to build out the features and functionality in your product. From architecture to front-end development to technical integration, your solution is transformed from an idea into production-ready code.

At the end of this phase we have:

  • Developed all features and functionality of your product.
  • Conducted internal and unit testing.
  • Set up the product on a staging environment for full QA.

Product Design Pricess - Deliver


More than just a product launch, we use the delivery phase to help with the next steps in your product’s lifecycle. Training internal teams, assisting with the market rollout, and establishing on-going support needs, this phase is positioned to ensure your long-term success. We also use this phase to put the correct measurement and feedback channels in place to help with future iterations and releases.

At the end of this phase we have:

  • Conducted QA and resolved any issues.
  • Deployed the product in a production environment.
  • Provided training and established on-going support needs.
  • Set up ways to measure success and gather user feedback.

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