A well-grounded product strategy should provide context around whom the product will serve, the benefits it will provide, where it fits into the market, and how it provides value for your business.

We’re sure you’ve seen it, and may even have first-hand experience with it, an organization launches a new product, service, or customer experience that just doesn’t hit the mark. It doesn’t resonate with end-users the way they thought it would, and people struggle to understand why.

More often than not, this is because the team executed from a strategy that wasn’t fully understood, didn’t revolve around the end-users’ needs, or unfortunately, sometimes both. It’s easy to generate ideas and put a plan in place. Although, without a clear understanding of your business goals, your user’s needs and behaviors, and a vision of where you’re wanting to go, it’s difficult to ensure they lead to actual business results.

This is where a design-centered approach can help. By leveraging design thinking and human-centered design activities, MaybeForYou can help you eliminate as much guesswork and risk from the process as possible. With empathy and an understanding of human behaviors at our center, MaybeForYou will work outward to find the right balance between what’s feasible and viable for your organization, and what motivates and satisfies your users.

This information is distilled down into a plan that provides a detailed understanding of what you’re building, who you’re building it for, and why. Providing a flag we can work backward from, to design an initial product roadmap for getting you where you need to be.

So before you go out and just build something, let us help you ensure you’re building the right thing!

Fig. Design Innovation

Methods, Tools, & Activities.

Our product strategy services help correctly frame your problem and focus on your vision of the future. Providing a range of options to design experiences that revolve around your users and lead to innovative solutions for your business.

Opportunity Identification

One of the first steps in building a new product is ensuring you’re starting in the right direction. We’ll look at multiple factors in your business, market, and with your users, to identify new opportunities and generate ideas that capitalize on them.

Product Vision

Your product vision provides a north star for where your product or service is headed. It helps the team see the big picture, and understand both “why” and “how” the product fits into your company’s overarching mission.

Product Positioning

Looking across a variety of factors: business goals, user needs, and market conditions, we’ll help you identify what your product or service needs to achieve, who it should be targeted at, and how it should be positioned to distinguish it from your competitors.

Journey Mapping & User Flows

Mapping out the interactions a person has with your product or service, we’ll provide a holistic view of the process they go through to accomplish their goals. Identifying areas of improvement and where processes need to be streamlined to minimize pain points.

Service Blueprints

Looking at how the services in your organization are delivered, we’ll identify cross-functional relationships and align front-stage (external) and back-stage (internal) processes. Helping streamline and improve gaps that lead to better employee and customer experiences.

Customer Experience Strategy

Focused on the overall perception a customer has with your organization, we’ll put together a plan to improve the experience a person has across all touchpoints with your products or services. Leading to an increase in customer loyalty and overall satisfaction.

Roadmaps & Prioritization

We’ll help you develop a plan and outline the initiatives that are needed to execute on your strategy and improve your products and services. Providing a high-level summary and evolution of your product or service over time.

End-To-End Design Services.

From research to execution, MaybeForYou provides user-focused end-to-end design capabilities for helping to turn your ideas into measurable business results.

Ways We Can Work Together.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, MaybeForYou offers three methods of working together based on the unique needs of your project and team.


For projects with a targeted mission and deadline, our project-based approach is a perfect fit. Based on our design methodology this is an end-to-end solution for bringing ideas to reality.

Fractional & Retained Services.

For organizations needing to augment and scale your existing team, our fractional and retained services model provides ongoing research, strategy, design, and leadership support.

Workshops & Trainings.

From workshops and Design Sprint facilitation to consulting services around specific aspects of the design process, we help your team improve the way they concept, design, and build products.