Human-centered design is a creative approach to problem-solving that starts with people and ends with innovative solutions.

Every project begins with a challenge, a problem we’re working to solve and discover new solutions for. While there are many ways to go about this, we’ve found an organized approach that puts understanding the people we’re designing for at the center leads to the best results. This design thinking philosophy is known as human-centered design.

When done right, human-centered design can provide many benefits to a project. By focusing on people, rather than technology, we’re able to generate ideas that respond to human needs and are based around user behavior. Then working together with a multidisciplinary team we can quickly iterate and refine these ideas to find solutions that are feasible and viable for your organization. These ideas are then prototyped and tested to ensure a successful outcome before spending time and money developing and implementing the solution.

By combining these methods with a hybrid project management approach, we’re able to combine the best of Agile and Waterfall. Creating a repeatable process for generating and testing ideas to refine and deliver successful solutions.

MaybeForYou's Design Process


A cornerstone of design thinking, our discover phase is focusing on developing an understanding of your organization’s goals and building empathy for the people we’re designing for. Working to build insights into where the two affect each other. Interviews with stakeholders and employees provide a business perspective and industry insights, while interviews, ethnographic studies, and other research tools help us learn more about how your users think and act. Gaining insights from both sides allows us to correctly frame the problem, develop a point of view, and begin thinking of innovative solutions that will make a difference.

During the Discover Phase we:

  • Conduct Stakeholder & User Research
  • Conduct Landscape Analysis
  • Identify Central Patterns and Themes
  • Frame the Problem and Develop a Point of View
  • Map out existing Service Blueprints, User Journeys, and UX Flows
  • Present our Findings, Insights, and General Recommendations



Once we have a clear understanding of your challenge, your users, and a definition of what success looks like, we’ll begin working with your team to come up with what the correct solution should consist of. Together we’ll begin generating ideas and mapping out the future version of your product and service experiences. Sketching, wireframing, and prototyping allow us to work through ideas quickly, test solutions, and validate assumptions to ensure a delightful, viable, and feasible final solution. Once we lock in on the correct direction, we’ll document key features and functionality and help define a clear roadmap showing the path from prototype to finished product.

During the Define Phase we:

  • Collaborate to Concept Ideas and Define Project Details
  • Provide updated Service Blueprints, User Journeys, and UX Flows
  • Sketch, Design Wireframes, and Test Low Fidelity Prototypes
  • Document Key Features & Functionality


In the Design Phase, we build upon our previous learning to start turning ideas and low-fidelity prototypes from the Define Phase into high-fidelity solutions. Focusing on details that shape the final experience: cross-platform engagement, defining reusable patterns, addressing accessibility, and experimenting with interactions that ensure a natural and easy-to-use final product. Throughout this phase, high-fidelity prototypes are reviewed by stakeholders and tested by end-users. Providing multiple opportunities to gather feedback and refine the experience.

During the Design Phase we:

  • Concept Design and Style Options
  • Create UI Patterns, UI Elements, and Micro-Interactions
  • Build & Test High-Fidelity Prototypes
  • Assist with UI Copy and Content Production



The Development Phase will vary based on the needs of your project and organization. Typically run as an agile approach, this can range from us providing support for your team — handling the front-end or building out a design system, to us providing full engineering of your product or service. We’ve spent years working alongside engineering teams and are comfortable working with a diverse set of technologies and development platforms. Allowing us to partner with you in a manner that best suits your organization.

During the Develop Phase we:

  • Create Design Systems and Front-End Templates
  • Provide Engineering Services and Support
  • Setup and Integrate with 3rd Party Technical Services
  • Assist with Quality Assurance and Unit Testing


The final phase of a successful project is helping release it to the world. We can assist you with internal and external training, migration, and developing your launch strategy — from a phased pilot program to a nationwide or global release. It’s also within this phase that we’ll discuss maintenance needs and set up ways to track the success and performance of your solution. Providing ways to demonstrate ROI and allow for continuous learning to improve things over time.

During the Deliver Phase we:

  • Launch and Test Pilot Programs
  • Provide Training, Marketing, and Maintenance Assistance
  • Setup Analytics, Adjust Roadmaps, and Determine Next Steps