User research provides an intimate understanding of the people you’re designing for and the problem you are trying to solve. A fundamental step in designing products and services that meet the needs of real people rather than just those of the business.

We understand how easy it is to jump in and begin brainstorming ideas and designing solutions based solely on the knowledge of your business and your business’s challenge. This is because it’s extremely difficult to view things with fresh eyes, to put yourself in your users’ shoes and frame problems from their perspective.

Diving into solutions with a one-sided perspective, or approaching problems with a “this is how it’s always been done” mindset, are leading reasons why products and services often don’t connect with people. This is avoidable when you take the time to understand your customers, your business goals, and how your products and services fit into people’s lives.

This is where our user experience research services come in. By talking with employees in your organization, interviewing and shadowing your customers, and embedding ourselves into your industry, we’re able to obtain an objective understanding of your challenges and articulate both your users’ needs and your business’s goals. Combining this knowledge with the things you already know, we’re able to unlock potential and uncover possibilities that weren’t considered before.

Shaping ideas around a meaningful understanding of what’s desirable for your users and viable for your business will inspire your team to design solutions based on facts, rather than assumptions. Ensuring you’re really meeting everyone’s goals.

Fig. User Research

Methods, Tools, & Activities.

Our user research services help us gain a better understanding of the problems we’re working to solve. Providing a range of options to unlock insights into innovative ways of designing solutions that meet both your user’s and business’s needs.

Audits & Data Analysis

Reviewing your existing data provides insights into how your products and services are performing. This data is used to identity underperforming KPIs and make informed decisions on how to improve them.

Market & Landscape Analysis

By evaluating your market we can assess opportunities, value, and risks in your products or services. Providing a complete understanding of who your customers are and the environment you’re competing in.

Stakeholder Research

Involving stakeholders helps generate buy-in and provides an understanding of the business needs, goals, and success metrics of your project. Giving insights into what we’re working to accomplish and how we can provide the most value to your organization.

Ethnographic & User Research

By observing and studying the people we’re designing for, we gain key insights into what your users value most in your products and services. These learnings help us design solutions that provide amazing experiences and integrate seamlessly into people’s lives.

Interviews & Surveys

Asking the right questions is central to unlocking the insights for innovative ideas. We’re skilled at performing interviews and surveys both in-person and remotely. Providing flexibility in the number of people and ways we can engage, talk to, and learn from your users.

Persona Development

User personas provide the team with a shared understanding of the goals, needs, and capabilities of the people we’re designing for. These representations of your users help keep people at the forefront of future project decisions.

Usability Testing

Usability testing allows us to monitor and observe real people interacting with your product or service. Providing a way to validate ideas and identify design and functionality issues that need to be corrected early in your project.

End-To-End Design Services.

From research to execution, MaybeForYou provides user-focused end-to-end design capabilities for helping to turn your ideas into measurable business results.

Ways We Can Work Together.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, MaybeForYou offers three methods of working together based on the unique needs of your project and team.


For projects with a targeted mission and deadline, our project-based approach is a perfect fit. Based on our design methodology this is an end-to-end solution for bringing ideas to reality.

Fractional & Retained Services.

For organizations needing to augment and scale your existing team, our fractional and retained services model provides ongoing research, strategy, design, and leadership support.

Workshops & Trainings.

From workshops and Design Sprint facilitation to consulting services around specific aspects of the design process, we help your team improve the way they concept, design, and build products.